Troubleshooting & Misc.


Long startup time

Some antivirus software (e.g. Kaspersky) has been observed to cause GINware on Windows to take up to 5 minutes to start, most likely due to thoroughly scanning unpacked bundled modules at runtime.

The GINware code is clean and open-source, and can be checked by anyone on the GitHub repository.

To avoid this delay, you can either:

  • Add an exception for GINware in your antivirus settings, or

  • Run GINware directly from source code with a separate instance of the Python interpreter.


Verifying GINware binaries

Each binary published on the GINware GitHub releases page should have a corresponding signature file (.asc) that you can use to verify and confirm that it was signed by the maintainer @zakurai.

To verify the binaries, please install the Keybase application, then follow the steps below.

1. Open your command line or terminal. 2. Change your current directory to where your downloaded GINware binaries are. This location will be different for everyone. For example:


C:\Users\zakurai> cd C:\Users\zakurai\Downloads


zakurai@linux:~$ cd /home/zakurai/Downloads

3. Check for a list of all files in that folder (dir /B for Windows, ls for Mac/Linux).


C:\Users\zakurai\Downloads> dir /B


zakurai@linux:~/Downloads$ ls
GINware_1.0.0.linux.tar.gz GINware_1.0.0.linux.tar.gz.asc

4. Verify the signature with the following command:

keybase pgp verify -d SIGNATURE -i BINARY -S zakurai

for example:

keybase pgp verify -d -i -S zakurai

You should see something similar to the following:

▶ INFO Identifying zakurai
OK public key fingerprint: C3A0 AEA9 3E86 F6CE 46CA 5808 E404 25A3 568C D89D
OK "zakurai" on github: [cached 2019-04-29 09:13:04 AEST]
Signature verified. Signed by zakurai 2 hours ago (2019-04-29 06:48:55 +1000 AEST).
PGP Fingerprint: c3a0aea93e86f6ce46ca5808e40425a3568cd89d.

Check for the text Signature verified which appears on the second-to-last line in the example above.