Migrating from GINcoin Core

Users who previously used GINcoin Core to hold their GIN may wish to migrate them to GINware. Please see below.

Migrating coins

1. Create a receiving address in GINware. 2. Send your coins from GINcoin Core to that address over the GIN network.

This will move the coins to your hardware wallet.

Migrating masternodes

To migrate masternodes to GINware, the collateral transaction needs to be changed. This is because the collateral coins need to be moved to hardware wallet addresses.

A migrated masternode will lose its place in the reward queue and will need to wait the initial period before receiving rewards again. This initial waiting period is just under double the standard reward interval.

GIN Platform users:

If you have a commitment discount with the GIN Platform, you can keep it! If you don't have a commitment discount, you don't need to do anything special either.

Simply head over to the settings page of your node, and choose to change the collateral. Change the collateral transaction ID to your new one after moving it to GINware, and you can keep your service.

This is just a matter of convenience - you will still be kicked from the reward queue, but you do not need to make significant changes to your GIN Platform subscription.

Users self-hosting their node (i.e. not using GIN Platform):

You can keep your IP addresses and old masternode private keys intact, but you still need to rebuild your node with a new collateral transaction.

After the new collateral transaction has been created using GINware, issuing the start command should start the masternode as normal - the remote server does not need to be touched, and will switch to using your new collateral transaction automatically.

This is just a matter of convenience - you will still be kicked from the reward queue, but you do not need to make any changes server-side.

To migrate your node, please migrate the collateral to your hardware wallet, then follow the steps in the standard masternode setup section.

Self-hosting users can import their masternode.conf file into GINware to speed up the migration, with Tools -> Import masternodes from a 'masternode.conf' file.

Please remember that the collateral address and transaction ID+index will be different, so please edit those fields to match their new values post-migration (preferably with the easy Locate collateral button).